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Beehive Asian Diner

78 reviews
Enjoy Asian, Japanese, Small Plates and Diner cuisine at Beehive Asian Diner in Downend, Bristol
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner
Beehive Asian Diner


Asian, Japanese, Small Plates
How to Find Us
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14 Badminton Rd
Bristol BS16 6BQ


+44 7886132326

Open hours:

Sun - Tue: Closed Wed - Sat: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Has the promise of Asian food got you buzzing? Well, we might just have the place, and it's the talk of the hive!

Welcome to The Beehive, your answer to authentic Asian eats and some of the best coffee in the city. Add to that some winning cocktails, beers and Japanese spirits and you have the perfect setting for one of the most exciting pop-ups this year. That's right, The Beehive is busy hosting Asian Eats, giving this awesome dining concept a temporary home and the perfect crowd to enjoy their unique and delicious creations.

To begin, they're serving up the likes of pork, duck and vegetable gyoza, karaage chicken, crumbed crab claws and takoyaki dough balls exactly as they make them in Japan. With the whole of eastern Asia at your fingertips, it's a gorgeous paradox to be tucking into them in a typically British cafe - but therein lies half the charm of this pop-up.

For mains, we go further into Japanese and Korean cuisines. Ramen is naturally on the menu and can be enjoyed with chicken, pork or tofu whilst katsu curry offers that creamy, spicy warmth that always fights away those drizzly Bristol nights. Or tuck it into yakisoba noodles or a bento box that is like a delicious treasure trove.

The question still remains, however: out of all these sumptuous offerings, which is the queen of the hive?

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Overview 78 reviews


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