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Enjoy British and Wine Bar cuisine at Cotto in Central Bristol, Bristol


British, Wine Bar
How to Find Us
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31 St Stephen's St
Bristol BS1 1JX


0117 329 2560

Open hours:

Mon - Wed: 5:30pm - 11pm Thu: 12pm - 4pm // 5:30pm - 11pm Fri - Sat: 12pm - 11pm Sun: Closed

When something is ready to serve, Italians will often say 'cotto' to signal that everyone should gather round and feast. In literal terms, it means 'baked' or 'done'. On a more personal level, it means that life's about to get infinitely better!

A concept developed and delivered by the Bianchis group, they're committed to creating the real Italian experience with a simple layout enhanced by a rustic undertone and a small spritz of pizzazz. They're also a wine bar which is why you'll often find sophisticated individuals celebrating the end of the working week with a fine bottle of Italian white at the bar.

It comes as no surprise that the menu is authentically Italian to its core. Lesser known eats are exposed in all their luscious brilliance. You can enjoy Mediterranean summertime in Bristol with prosciutto and juicy peaches, lemon and mascarpone pasta, and scallops in a fiendish garlic butter.

Bigger plates include a traditional lasagne made with beef shin ragu for that extra depth of flavour, ndunderi pasta with smoked scamorza, and pappardelle with chicken. As for dessert, immerse yourself in the fields of Tuscany with a lavender panna cotta; it's floral with a hint of creamy decadence.

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