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441 Green Lanes
London N4 1HA


020 3489 5145

There's no denying it, Pho is the ultimate comfort food and Ha Noi Pho is serving steaming bowls and sizzling plates brimming with the tastiest Vietnamese street food.

Over at the Harringay branch, you're in for a cosy supper. Tables and chairs are set in close formation while pods of electric blue lighting add that touch of mystery and glamour. Put simply, it can be as atmospheric as you like and is as suitable for a boisterous gang of mates as it is for couples with those first-date jitters.

Settle in with some appetisers that are small in size but huge in flavour. The fire beef fillet certainly doesn't hold back and the little dragon hot plate is equally as bold and boisterous. Complement that fierce attitude (yes, some food has attitude too) with some grilled aubergine or their salad herbs with a zesty lime dressing. And you can never go wrong with some Vietnamese spring rolls.

Whether you prefer chicken, lamb, pork, goat, beef or seafood, consider Ha Noi your foodie oyster. There are curries, pancakes, grilled meats and fish, stews and wok-fried dishes for your indulgence. But the biggest question still remains; are you a chopstick pro or chopstick failure? Perhaps that'll help you choose between all these delicious offerings. We can't think of a better way...

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Ha Noi Pho - Harringay

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