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The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

9 reviews
Enjoy British, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian options, Bars & Pubs, Wheelchair accessible, $$, Groups and Live music cuisine at The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch in Shoreditch, London
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch


How to Find Us
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134-146 Curtain Rd
London EC2A 3AR


020 7729 7216

Open hours:

Mon - Wed: 12pm - 12am Thu: 12pm - 1am Fri: 12pm - 2:30am Sat: 11am - 3am Sun: 11am - 11:30pm

At The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch, every bite is a rhythm, and every flavour a melody, creating a culinary blues that you can taste. Nestled in the heart of London's eclectic and vibrant district, the restaurant is a canvas of rustic charm painted with strokes of contemporary elegance, where every corner, every table, and every chair invites guests to a dining experience that’s as warm and inviting as an old blues song.

The walls, adorned with memorabilia, echo the soulful tunes of the blues, casting a spell that transports you to a world where food and music are a celebration. The aroma of the kitchen tells tales of the South, where flavours are a legacy and every dish a story.

The menu is a ballad of traditional and contemporary. The buffalo chicken wings, tender and succulent, are a melody of flavours, while the cajun popcorn squid plays a spicy symphony that lingers delightfully. The vegan cheeseburger, featuring a Moving Mountains patty and vegan gouda, sings a contemporary tune for those seeking a plant-based serenade.

As the evening unfolds, the buttermilk fried chicken takes centre stage, each bites a blend of crispy and tender, while the blackened salmon, with its cajun spiced notes, performs a soulful solo that resonates with the warmth of Southern hospitality.

But what’s a blues night without a drink in hand? The burnt pear old fashioned is a mixologist’s sonnet, a blend of bourbon and grilled pear that’s as soul-stirring as a midnight blues performance. And for the sweet encore, the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake stands as a testament to the art of dessert making, a sweet melody that brings the culinary concert to a close.

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Overview 9 reviews


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