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Ginza St James

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Enjoy Japanese, Sushi, Vegan Options, Vegetarian options, Gluten Free Options, Restaurant, Table service, Private Dining, $$$$, Groups, Families and Special Occasion cuisine at Ginza St James in St James's, London
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James
Ginza St James


Japanese, Sushi
How to Find Us
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15 Bury St
London SW1Y 6AL


+44 20 3862 7700

Open hours:

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3pm // 5pm - 10:30pm Sat: 12pm - 4pm // 5pm - 10:30pm Sun: 12pm - 4pm // 5pm - 10pm

Ginza St James is in the heart of London's prestigious St. James district. It offers an elegant dining experience that explores traditional Japanese flavours and cooking styles.

The magnificent interiors transmit the history and life of Japan with an elegant and harmonious atmosphere. Dark and light wood finishes, polished surfaces and clean lines are harmonised with soft furnishings, warm lighting and impressive wall art displaying samurais, geishas and flora.

The beauty and variety of Japanese cuisine are beautifully showcased within Ginza St James. With an emphasis on traditional dishes, each one carries the essence of Japan, its culture, and history. It is a comprehensive journey through Edomae Sushi, Teppanyaki, and Robata dishes, which are simple, fresh, yet impactful flavours brought to you by an incredibly passionate team.

The hustle and bustle of Piccadilly can be momentarily forgotten as you take a moment to enjoy a GINZA St James signature cocktail. Roberto Spezziga, Head Barman, presents incredibly flavourful drinks designed to make you snapshot your experience with it, capturing memories to be recalled later.

To complement the dining journey, the restaurant offers one of London's most extensive sake lists. It features some of the rarest, most unique, and most enjoyable sake from Japan. It provides the perfect companion, harmonising with the flavours. And do not forget the Japanese whiskey selection.

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