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Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen

3 reviews
Enjoy Caribbean, African, Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, Highchairs available, Table service, $$, Families and Groups cuisine at Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen in Chorlton, Manchester
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen
Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen


Caribbean, African
How to Find Us
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93, 95 Beech Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy
Manchester M21 9EQ


+44 7859 749286

Open hours:

Mon: Closed Tue - Sat: 10am - 10pm Sun: 10am - 5pm

Tucked away in a corner of the Chorlton, Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen offers a getaway that'll tantalize your taste buds and transport you to tropical climates with each bite. As you step through the doors, what catches your imagination is not just the rhythmic music that trickles through the air but the aromatic tapestry that promises an authentic experience far from the streets of this vibrant city.

The atmosphere within Miss Dee's speaks of a coziness intertwined with an energy that is unmistakably Caribbean. Diners are enveloped in warm decor that harmonizes rustic charm with modern vibes. Miss Dee's isn't just about the food; it's a place where the spirit of the Caribbean comes alive, setting the stage for meals that feel like a celebration of life and culture.

The menu at Miss Dee's Caribbean reads like a tribute to the richness of the cuisine and is a homage to the intricate dance of flavours typical to island fare. Start your journey with a classic - the oxtail - rich and loaded with immense flavours, sure to set the tone for what's to come. For lovers of heat and spice, the jerk chicken is a revelation, tender pieces served in a creamy sauce that balances kick with comfort. Seafood enthusiasts are not left behind, with delights such as the white fish escovitch and sautéed sweet chilli prawns offering an exquisite taste of the ocean's bounty, each dish cooked to perfection and bursting with zest.

Catering to every palate, the vegan offerings at Miss Dee's hold their own with the bean tagine and curry chickpeas, each dish a hearty testament to the versatility of plant-based Caribbean cooking. The curry goat and curry chicken will satisfy those craving the bold, aromatic spices that characterise the cuisine. And for those seeking a casual yet utterly satisfying bite, look no further than the jerk burger, housed within a soft brioche bun that's as inviting as it is indulgent.

In summary, Miss Dee's Caribbean Kitchen stands as a proud beacon of Caribbean culinary excellence in Manchester. With a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere and a menu bursting with robust flavours, it's a locale that's fast becoming the go-to for an exotic escape. Each dish is a story, each flavour a memory – a visit to Miss Dee's is a voyage across the ocean, no passport required.

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