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First Table is LIVE in Manchester 🚀

October 2023

First Table is LIVE in Manchester 🚀

The foodie secret's out and we're chuffed to share the news! 🥳

First Table is LIVE in the heart of the 0161 today, October 2nd, bringing a feast of never-ending culinary journeys to Manchester foodies 🍛🥢

We've been busy stirring the pot, adding a pinch of Mancunian spirit, and heaps of passion to bring a fabulous range of eateries to First Table. And we can't wait to share what we've been cooking up, with you 🍴

Craving a slice of the Big Apple? Intrigued by Manchester's most exquisite vegan pizza? Ever been curious about the flavours of Armenia? Let us expand your gastronomic universe, one delectable bite at a time 🤤

We have some fabulous restaurants already lined up for the launch, but if you have any you'd love to see on First Table, feel free to suggest a restaurant here, our team would love to hear from you ❤️

If you haven't signed up to First Table, make sure you subscribe to Manchester, to learn all about how First Table works, get the latest news, restaurants and opportunities to win.

Happy dining!

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