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Enjoy Brazilian cuisine at Cabana The O2 Arena in Greenwich, London
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena
Cabana The O2 Arena


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Unit 201, The O2 Arena, Greenwich Peninsula
London SE10 0DX


0208 853 5468

Open hours:

Mon: 12pm - 9pm Tue - Thu: 12pm - 10pm Fri: 12pm - 10:30pm Sat: 11:30am - 10:30pm Sun: 11:30am - 9pm

The tropical spirit of the Amazonia lives on in the great metropolis that is London. And whilst you might think the two don't match in any way, Cabana is here to prove that the Latin American spirit can be revived anywhere in the world.

Inspired primarily by all the hedonism of 1950s Rio, Cabana is one of those places that unlocks everyone's inner party animal. And when it comes to Rio, the bigger the better. Luckily, the O2 Arena branch has taken this philosophy and run with it. A fiesta of light, colour, and textures, their walls are covered with blown-up newspaper clippings whilst huge wicker lanterns form a chorus of friendly giants through which colourful kites weave in and out. This is all the spectacle of a carnival.

Latin America is known all over the world for its giant barbecues that are equipped to feed anyone who walks through the door. The same goes for Cabana where the churrasco grill reigns supreme, cooking quality flat iron, sirloin and fillet steaks, as well as adding smoky depth to black cod and flame-grilled chicken. Those out for a meat feast might also be interested in the burgers where immense beef patties and chicken breast are thrown onto the grill and popped into a patty for the ultimate hand-hold.

And if you're worried that might not be enough (there's always that risk), don't be afraid to add on some buttermilk fried chicken, corn ribs, and crispy sushi on the side to share. Wash it down with a Honey Berry Caipirovska and prepare to dance the whole night long.

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