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Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft

4 reviews
Enjoy Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vegetarian options, Vegan Options, Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, Free Wifi, Highchairs available, $, Families, Groups and Kids cuisine at Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft in Stokes Croft, Bristol
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft
Tuk Tuck Stokes Croft


Japanese, Thai, Korean
How to Find Us
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32 Stokes Croft, St Paul's
Bristol BS1 3QD


0117 924 9944

Open hours:

Mon - Thu: 10:30am - 9pm Fri - Sat: 10:30am - 10pm Sun: 10:30am - 9pm

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Stokes Croft, Tuk Tuck is a culinary oasis that pays homage to the tantalising flavours of Korea. With a menu bursting with authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, Tuk Tuck transports diners to the bustling streets of Seoul.

As you step through the doors, the tantalising aroma of sizzling meats and the cheerful chatter of satisfied diners create an atmosphere that is both inviting and authentic. The interior is a vibrant tapestry of street art and lanterns, reflecting the lively spirit of Korea. Choose to gather around the communal tables or retreat to a cosy corner – either way, you'll be enveloped in the convivial ambience of this Korean haven.

Start your culinary expedition with an array of tempting starters. Crisp prawn crackers and zesty edamame beans are perfect for sharing, while the addictive katsu fries blend the flavours of Japan and Korea in perfect harmony. For a taste of traditional Korean cuisine, order a side of kimchi, its spicy tang adding a vibrant kick to any dish.

For mains, the bibimbap is an absolute must-try. A sizzling hot stone bowl arrives brimming with fluffy rice, an assortment of fresh vegetables, and a perfectly fried egg. Choose from chicken, beef, or tofu as your protein and customise it to your taste preferences. The Korean barbecue dishes are another highlight, with marinated meats grilled to perfection over charcoal, infusing each bite with smoky goodness.

Complement your meal with a refreshing Asahi Japanese lager or a smooth glass of Korean soju. Non-alcoholic options include a variety of soft drinks, fruit juices, and thirst-quenching teas.

Whether you're a seasoned Korean cuisine enthusiast or a curious explorer eager to discover its vibrant flavours, Tuk Tuck offers an authentic and delectable experience that will leave you craving for more.

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