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Real Habesha Restaurant

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Enjoy Ethiopian, Vegetarian options, Vegan Options, Restaurant, $$, Groups, Families, Date night and Special Occasion cuisine at Real Habesha Restaurant in Bishopston, Bristol
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant
Real Habesha Restaurant


How to Find Us
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163 Gloucester Rd
Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8BE


07 7380 74885

Open hours:

Mon - Sat: 3pm - 9:30pm Sun: Closed

Real Habesha Restaurant invites guests to experience the warmth and rich flavours of traditional Horn of African cuisine.

This inviting eatery is located in Bishopston, Bristol, perfect for intimate gatherings and larger family get-togethers. A cosy venue with a unique atmosphere and friendly service, Real Habesha sets the tone for a memorable dinner date with your loved ones.

For those new to the cuisine, Real Habesha might be a revelation. The menu offers dishes cooked using recipes passed down for generations. Authentic flavours shine through with every bite. For meat lovers, don't miss the Dorho Wot or Keyh Tsebhi - chicken leg stew with a spicy berbere blend or spicy beef cubes cooked in tomato sauce, respectively. Vegetarians and vegans will also find plenty to choose from, including the traditional Shiro - a chickpea stew and the non-spicy lentil curry.

To truly immerse yourself in this unique cultural experience, share your dishes in a tradition known as gursha. Fed to you from one plate, this edible gesture signifies friendship and hospitality. So get together with friends and family, and embark on a culinary trip to Ethiopia and Eritrea's fascinating and unique tastes with Real Habesha.

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