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Smok'd at The Candlemaker

22 reviews
Enjoy British, Vegetarian options, Bars & Pubs, Highchairs available, $$$ and Bar Scene cuisine at Smok'd at The Candlemaker in Battersea, London
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker
Smok'd at The Candlemaker


How to Find Us
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136 Battersea High St
London SW11 3JR


+44 20 7223 6532

Open hours:

Mon - Thu: 12pm - 11pm Fri - Sat: 12pm - 12am Sun: 12pm - 11pm

Located in the vibrant centre of London's lively scene, Smok'd at The Candlemaker offers a contemporary haven where the smoky scent of British barbecue blends beautifully with the energetic vibes of live music and events.

Enter a space where industrial chic meets rustic charm, each nook telling a story as welcoming and intriguing as the tastes of your dish. The Candlemaker's decor, a homage to traditional craftsmanship, sets the stage for Smok'd’s culinary creativity, turning every meal into an unfolding masterpiece.

Kick off your meal with an appetizer that prepares you for the smoky melodies ahead. The baby back ribs half rack, coated in barbecue perfection and paired with sweet pickles, is an introduction to the flavour concert you’re about to enjoy. For those preferring greens, the charred flatbread with chickpea hummus and a dash of dukkah offers a harmonious start. And we can’t overlook the buffalo cauliflower, a creation that plays with garlic aioli, celery, and sesame on your taste receptors.

However, the barbecue offerings embody Smok'd’s real pinnacle. The Smok'd Pub's Famous Jacob's Ladder Beef Rib, hailed for its hickory and mesquite-infused flavour, served with seasonal sweet pickles, strikes a chord of culinary bliss. The Smok'd Beef Brisket, shared with roasted onions and covered in a savoury gravy, pays homage to the revered practice of British BBQ.

As you explore this dynamic flavour palette, the beverages act as ideal counterpoints. Whether opting for a pint of craft ale or a goblet of well-bodied red, each gulp perfectly compliments your smoky dish.

Let the memory of your feast at Smok'd at The Candlemaker lure you back for another visit, where food, music, and fellowship forge an extraordinary, memorable affair. Book your table today, and allow The Candlemaker's glow to guide you to an evening full of enjoyment and fascination.

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Overview 22 reviews


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