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Gazette Battersea

4 reviews
Enjoy French, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian options, Restaurant, Dog friendly, Free Wifi, Wheelchair accessible, Indoor & Outdoor Seating, Table service, $$ and Wine Bar cuisine at Gazette Battersea in Battersea, London
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea
Gazette Battersea


How to Find Us
Sample Menu


79 Sherwood Court, Chatfield Rd
London SW11 3UY


02072 230999

Open hours:

Mon - Tue: 11am - 10:30pm Wed: 12pm - 10:30pm Thu - Fri: 11am - 10:30pm Sat - Sun: 10am - 10:30pm

Gazette Battersea is a lively brasserie that tantalises taste buds with its vibrant fusion of classic French cuisine and modern flair.

With its chic décor and intimate ambience, Gazette sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The menu is a culinary symphony, each dish a masterpiece.

Commence your culinary journey with the succulent roasted tiger prawns, their plumpness enveloped in a creamy bisque and aioli, accompanied by delicate courgette spaghetti. For a main course indulgence, savour the roasted quail, its tender meat infused with the rich flavours of foie gras and complemented by velvety crushed purple potatoes.

But the culinary delights extend far beyond these signature dishes. The charcuterie board overflows with a feast of cured meats, while the pâté de campagne offers an authentic taste of the French countryside. If your palate yearns for the delicate flavours of escargots, you'll be enchanted by the garlic butter and aromatic juice that elevate these delicate snails. For a light and savoury interlude, the grilled octopus, with its charred exterior and zesty sesame-soy marinade, will leave you craving more.

Accompanying this culinary adventure is a meticulously curated wine list, showcasing the finest vintages from France and beyond. Whether you indulge in a crisp chardonnay or an opulent cabernet sauvignon, each sip complements the flavours of the dishes perfectly.

Gather your loved ones, settle into the warm and inviting ambience of Gazette Battersea, and allow the symphony of flavours to transport you to the heart of culinary excellence.

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Overview 4 reviews
Hannah Battersea

Grill & Barbeque

Social Affair

Cafe, Brunch, Pizza

Archway Battersea

Mediterranean, Italian, British


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