Cuisine: Organic, Raw, Vegan
Price Point: Mains from £10-£20

With a strong ethos of wellbeing and holistic health running through each dish, Wild Food Café is bringing plant-based cuisine to Islington.

You might expect it to be a millennial paradise, but it’s wonderfully feminine. Dominated by soft pink chairs, it’s spacious and bright with mirrors at every turn and playful plants draping the walls. Their bar is covered in a fun geometric pattern and is admittedly #instagoals.

The menu is small, but you can tell an immense amount of thought has gone into each dish. Their carbonara uses courgette noodles whilst their wild green burger hosts a juicy mushroom patty covered in an onion and red pepper sauce. Or why not try their gluten-free, vegan pizzas that are just as good as their dairy counterpart!

For the drinks menu, a selection of their wine is organic and is sourced from small artisan growers. Some of the beer on offer is organic too and their cocktails only use the finest ingredients.


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Wild Food Café
269-270 Upper Street
London N1 2UQ

Open Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue - Fri: 11.30am till 10pm
Sat: 10am till 10pm
Sun: 10am till 8pm

Phone: 02080 363990

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Wild Food Café
Location: Islington
Cuisine: Organic, Raw, Vegan
Mains: £10-£20


Varsha Ramakrishnan

Wild food café really lived up to the hype of the new gluten free/vegan movement. We didn’t expect to be quite so impressed by the wonderful food and service. We started off with table olives which were some of the best olives I’ve had outside of the actual Mediterranean area. We were also very excited to tuck into flatbreads with pesto- the texture of the bread was crunchy yet soft in the centre and the pesto had just the perfect tangy profile to offset it. Yum! Absolutely delicious and this was just the starters. I ordered the wabi Sabi kale salad which was bursting with flavour. I wish I could have it on speed dial on any of my Netflix nights where I could easily envision eating a giant bowl of this in lieu of popcorn / nachos. We also had the creamy mushroom pizza which was such a good choice we didn’t judge ourselves for over ordering. The truffle flavour enhances the umami of the mushroom and the crunchiness of the baked kalettes on top of the pizza. If this is the reality of gluten free/ vegan / eco guilt free food feels like in such a gorgeous setting with amazing table service looks like - sign me up for a decade long subscription subject to extension. Thank you wild food café!


- dined at Wild Food Café on

The staff were lovely and made us feel very welcome. The restaurant itself was gorgeous- beautiful pink, greens and white hues surrounded by plants which was just beautiful. We ordered the courgette tagliatelle and a mushroom pizza. The courgette pasta was nice but a little expensive.


- dined at Wild Food Café on


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