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British, Wine Bar
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56 James St
London W1U 1HF


020 7935 4957

Chicken’s tastiest sidekick? It’s a question that has been baffling scholars for centuries. At Sidechick you can solve the delicious puzzle once and for all.

A picturesque little hideaway in Marylebone, you could easily mistake Sidechick for an antique hive of treasure. Inside, however, it’s the epitome of modern glamour. A burnt-orange ode to the American diner, this eatery oozes charm and sophistication with its neatly tiled floors, trendy booths and soft ambience.

When it comes to the food, it’s all about the simple things done to perfection. And with just a few things to choose from, the decision process is delightfully simple too. Take your pick of the Za’atar, Piri Piri or Chimichurri chicken and pair it with any of their fresh vegetable sides or some ‘crispy nuggets of joy’. We’re talking about their moreish potatoes in case you were wondering…

And the joy doesn’t stop there. With exotic cocktail creations like Jungle Bird, Twinkle and the Tang Tang, you only have to utter their names to get the party started. Alternatively, sample some sour power with the Corpse Reviver… unless you’re too chicken.

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