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South Indian, Vegetarian
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227 Stratford Road
Birmingham B90 3AH


012 1448 0770

In the heart of Shirley you'll find an authentic taste of Southern India. Serving big, bold flavours, Ruchie offers a dining experience you won't forget in a hurry!

In case you were wondering, 'Ruchie' translates to 'taste'; how very apt! They're culinary wizards after all! And that's not all; they're a dapper hand at mesmerising interior decor too. Lowkey and intimate, it's a beautiful space, punctuated by stunning geometric patterns on the walls, a calming navy-blue colour scheme and a grand staircase winding its way up the centre of the restaurant. Choose between their long booths or cosy tables for two depending on your dining preference. Perfect for families and couples, Ruchie is the perfect place to unwind.

Now, if you thought that Southern Indian cuisine was limited to dosas and biryanis, think again! A world of culinary delights await you, but before you take a deep dive into the main event, warm up with a plate of onion bhajees, samosas or some chilli paneer. South Indian Tiffin is also the perfect way to begin any meal and comes with sambar and enough chutneys to sink a ship.

Stews, kormas, masalas, tikkas and chettinadus are just a few of the kinds of curries on offer, all coming with a variety of tender meats and juicy vegetables. And if you don't know what these curries are, you'll just have to order one to find out! Their seafood curries are worth checking out if you're looking to try something totally new and exciting and you better order in one of their Kerela paratha breads to soak up every bit of flavour. We can't have it going to waste!

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7 reviews

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