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Italian, Pizza
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16 Blackstock Rd
Finsbury Park N4 2DW


020 7226 5456

A cheery Italian deli in Finsbury Park, Lara’s Restaurant is bringing us all a dose of sunshine, even on London’s greyest days.

Cute, cosy and brimming with cappuccino connoisseurs, this eatery is authentically Italian every day of the week. If their happy chequered tablecloths, twinkling fairy lights and enchanted garden don’t bring a smile to your face, their Italian deli and shop most certainly will. After all, no one feels sad after a coffee-soaked biscotti!

But before we get to the cheeky nibbles, their dinner menu has been brightening lives since day one. Fresh from the pizza oven is the sizzling Americana with spicy schiacciata calabrese, the Mortazza with a creamy ricotta base and a South Italian speciality which is positively beaming with fresh cucumber, olives and oregano.

Other mains include almighty plates like spaghetti with creamy king prawns, the classic bolognese and the ultimate sight for sore eyes, cheesy lasagne! Comfort food at its best, Lara’s Restaurant knows how to feed the soul. Now, about that biscotti…

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